Deepkit was founded in 2018 in Hamburg, Germany, by Marc J. Schmidt, an tech entrepreneur since 2008, open-source contributor, and electrical/software engineer, who believes in the web, open cultures, and the future of a isomorphic tech-stack.

What began as an highly-specialized analytical tool for artificial intelligence continues now with open-sourcing of its core libraries to everyone — Deepkit Framework.


Our mission is to make web tech more accessible, easier to use, and much more efficient.

We love high-performance code and are committed to provide performant, well designed and written code.

Code is art — with the exception that code needs to deliver. We believe in the beauty in code that is as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. Seeing a machine executing precise, simple yet effective instructions while being flexible and bringing value to the people is something magical everyone should enjoy witnessing.

Making people enjoy their time building digital products and more efficient in building them is our aspiration we work on every day.

Business model

We want to provide nothing less than products that bring tremendous business value to each and everyone, and are equally loved by its simplicity and experience. The potential of the web and digital products/business models is much bigger than currently utilized by the people. We want to allow building digital products much faster, cheaper, and with enjoyment.

By providing our core libraries under an permissive open-source license we make sure nobody is left behind. Additional professional tools and services specially tailored for the enterprise help us keep the ball rolling.

Deepkit is 100% self-financed and owned by Marc. By being as independent and far away as possible from the pressure to get ROI for external investors we make sure we focus on what we love and do best: building tools and digital products that people enjoy.

Made in Germany