Deepkit Framework extends Deepkit App with core functionality for HTTP and RPC applications.


Application Server
Built-in application server with HTTP and RPC support.
Interactive debugger for your application.
Profiler for your application.


Write HTTP routes with class methods or simple async functions.

Deepkit Debugger

Deepkit Framework Debugger is a web application giving you insights into your application.

Module hiarchy, configuration, APIs, database, profiler, and much more.


Questions & Answers

1. How to change the default port of the HTTP server?

There are several ways to change the port of the application server of FrameworkModule.

Change the module directly:

const app = new App({
    imports: [
        new FrameworkModule({
            port: 3000

Load from environment variable:

const app = new App({
    imports: [
        new FrameworkModule()

app.loadConfigFromEnv({namingStrategy: 'same', prefix: 'app_'});

Then start the application with the environment variable app_framework_port set to 3000.

app_framework_port=3000 ts-node app.ts server:start

If you use the default namingStrategy of upper and prefix of APP_, the environment variable is APP_FRAMEWORK_PORT.

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