High performance typesafe message bus server for pub/sub pattern, key-value storage, and central atomic app locks. A highly configurable message broker written in and for TypeScript.


Typesafe key value storage.
pub/sub pattern with typesafe messages.
Atomic Ops
Atomic lock and increment operations.


Typesafe key/value storage with automatic binary serialization and validation.

The data is serialized using a very fast binary encoding and stored on the server using efficient ArrayBuffers.

import { BrokerClient } from '@deepkit/broker';
import { t } from '@deepkit/type';

const client = new BrokerClient();

const userLogins = client.key<number>('logins/123');
await userLogins.set(123);
const logins = await userLogins.get();
await userLogins.delete();


Atomic increment and decrement operations.

import { BrokerClient } from '@deepkit/broker';

const client = new BrokerClient();

client.increment('logins/user1', +1);

const v = client.increment('logins/user1', -1);



Typesafe pub/sub pattern.

import { BrokerClient } from '@deepkit/broker';

const client = new BrokerClient();

type Message = { value: number }
const channel1 = client.channel<Message>('channel1');

await channel1.subscribe(v => (message) => {
    console.log('got message', message);

await channel1.publish({ value: 1345 });

Atomic locks

Atomic locks for distributed systems and critical region locking.

import { BrokerClient } from '@deepkit/broker';

const client = new BrokerClient();

if (await client.isLocked('lock1')) {
    // lock in place already.

// blocks until lock acquired.
const lock1 = await client.lock('lock1');
try {
    // do critical work.
} finally {
    await lock1.unsubscribe();

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