Deepkit Broker

Deepkit Broker is a high-performance abstraction for message queues, message bus, event bus, pub/sub, key/value store, cache, and atomic operations. All in the spirit of type-safety with automatic serialization and validation, high-performance, and scalability.

Deepkit Broker is a client and a server in one. It can be used as a standalone server, or as a client to connect to other Deepkit Broker servers. It's designed to be used in a microservice architecture, but can also be used in a monolith application.

The client uses an adapter pattern to support different backends. You can use the same code with different backends, or even use multiple backends at the same time.


Deepkit Broker is installed and activated per default when Deepkit Framework is used. Otherwise, you can install it via:

npm install @deepkit/broker


const app = new App({