Deepkit ORM Browser


Data browser for Deepkit ORM. With interfaces for database seed, schema migrate, and your ER model of your database. An interactive query prompt allows you to execute javascript queries directly in the browser against your real database.


Content editing
Change all your data from your database ORM models.
Query interface
Explore your data by using regular JavaScript query commands.
Model diagram
See all your models with relations.

Content editing

Change all your data from your database ORM models directly in your local browser. Adding, editing, removing, change relations, filtering, sorting, and much more.

content editing


Explore your data by using regular JavaScript query commands like you would do in your Typescript source.

content editing

Model Diagram

See all your models with relations, fields, and primary keys in one big diagram.

content editing


Seed your database with a powerful faker library directly from within your browser.

content editing

Easy to use

You only have to provide your database as TypeScript source. No configuration files, compilation, or anything else necessary.

Deepkit ORM Browser is enabled by default in Deepkit Framework module.

By opening http://localhost:9090/ you can directly start managing content. The ORM Browser is integrated automatically when using Deepkit Framework in its Framework Debugger.

import { entity, PrimaryKey, AutoIncrement } from '@deepkit/type';
import { Database } from '@deepkit/orm';
import { SQLiteDatabaseAdapter } from '@deepkit/sqlite';

export class Group {
    public id: number & PrimaryKey & AutoIncrement = 0;
    created: Date = new Date;

        public name: string
    ) {

const adapter = new SQLiteDatabaseAdapter('./example.sqlite');
const database = new Database(adapter, [Group]);
$ deepkit-orm-browser database.ts
[LOG] Start HTTP server, using 1 workers.
[LOG] RPC OrmBrowserController orm-browser/controller
[LOG] HTTP OrmBrowserController
[LOG]     GET /_orm-browser/query httpQuery
[LOG] HTTP StaticController
[LOG]     GET /:any serviceApp
[LOG] HTTP listening at http://localhost:9090/
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