Deepkit Filesystem

Google Storage Filesystem

This adapter allows you to use Google Storage as filesystem.

It is part of @deepkit/filesystem-google which needs to be installed separately.

npm install @deepkit/filesystem-google


import { Filesystem } from '@deepkit/filesystem';
import { FilesystemGoogleAdapter } from '@deepkit/filesystem-google';

const adapter = new FilesystemGoogleAdapter({
    bucket: 'my-bucket',
    path: 'starting-path/', //optional
    projectId: '...',
    keyFilename: 'path/to/service-account-key.json'
const filesystem = new Filesystem(adapter);

Note: You should not store your credentials in the code directly. Instead, use environment variables or App Configuration.

This adapter uses the Google Storage client of @google-cloud/storage. All its configuration options can be passed to the adapter constructor.


You can configure what visibility a file has when it is created.

const filesystem = new Filesystem(adapter);

filesystem.write('/hello-public.txt', 'hello world', 'public');
filesystem.write('/hello-private.txt', 'hello world', 'private');

The file /hello-public.txt will be created with the ACL public: true and can be read by anyone using its URL. The url can be retrieved using filesystem.publicUrl.

const url = filesystem.publicUrl('/hello-public.txt');

To use the visibility you have to enable object-based ACL in your Google Storage bucket.